Brunch Menu

Brunch Menu

Toasted muesli with fresh fruit, yoghurt and honey $9

Baked eggs with spanish onion, chorizo and spiced shallots with wood fired flat bread $12

Chili scrambled eggs with two rashers of bacon served in an Ovenhouse pita $13

Bacon and egg ciabatta roll with tomato chutney and roquette $10

Poached eggs on sautéed asparagus with prosciutto and shaved parmesan $16

Poached egg with garlic mushroom bread and butter pudding and bacon $14

Grilled chicken breast burger with bacon, tomato, roquette and mayonnaise served with Ovenhouse made fries $18

Grilled haloumi and pesto baguette $10

Thick sliced ham and Swiss cheese baguette $10

Beef and dill warm meatball baguette $12

Confit capsicum and garlic on grilled sourdough $10

Sautéed broccoli, sultana and almond salad with Ovenhouse pita $14

Saganaki of Kefolagravieara cheese, melted crisp in the wood oven with roquette, lemon and dill $16

Calamari lightly crumbed, flash fried and served with a salad of snow peas, Spanish onion and pickled ginger $15

Portarlington mussels, steamed in white wine with chili, garlic, bacon, and basil $16.5

Linguine, fresh local seafood of prawns, mussels, fish, and squid tossed with chili, garlic, white wine and olive oil $25.5


Avocado and fetta mash $4

Hash brown $4

Bacon $4

Grilled tomato $4

Fries $7

Greek salad $9

Smoked salmon $4

Wood fired Pizza – Available from 12pm

#1 Margherita – Fior di latte mozzarella and basil $18

#2 Salami, goat’s cheese, roasted capsicum, anchovies and olives $20.5

#3 Mushrooms, semi dried tomatoes and olives topped with roquette and pesto $20.5

#4 Roasted eggplant, zucchini, caramalised onion and roasted capsicum $20.5

#5 Tiger prawns, scallops, garlic, fresh basil, coriander and chili $22.5

#6 Smoked salmon, fetta, Spanish onion and capers, topped with dill sour cream $22.5

#7 Fior di latte mozzarella, prosciutto and fresh basil $22.5

#8 Roasted lamb, Spanish onion, olives and tomato with minted yoghurt $22.5

#9 Oven roasted chicken breast, caramalised onion, smoked bacon and parmesan $20.5

#10 Chorizo sausage and basil $20


Chicken, mushroom, smoked bacon, eggplant, pesto and herbs $20

Char grilled vegetables, goat’s cheese, pesto and herbs $20

Changes or additions from $1